Femdom mistress jerks submissive off so he’ll cum into his own mouth.

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Mmm felt so good



Omg this ladycock is so thick !! It hurt but felt sooooo good!! Umf!!

I am in love

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I’d say, on average, my wife fucks me with a strapon two, maybe three times a year. The last time she fucked me, she pushed all our average sized dildo’s aside, and reached straight for our 9 inch “Mr Marcus” black dildo. As I felt the big, thick cock head press forcefully against my ass opening, I can honestly say I was sure there was no way it was going to fit… Minutes later, she had me bent over, face down, ass up, grasping onto as much of our living room carpet a I could as she repeatedly thrust the entire 9 inches deep inside my ass. So yeh, it hurt as first, but in all our years of strapon play, I’ve never cum so hard…   

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The images that I post or repost on my blog will give you a good idea of what turns me on. Many represent activities that I enjoy practicing whenever possible. The rest represent things that I really want to explore. A few remain beyond my current limits but, as my limits are stretched, I hope one day to find the right partner or partners to allow me to try everything.

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